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Siena, an incredible medieval town in the heart of Tuscany, rich in artistic and folk beauties, remains indelibly in the hearts of those who visit it. The historic center of the city is the best example of medieval architecture in the world: its perfectly preserved city walls, its typical brick buildings and squares are still exactly as they were built centuries ago.

The beating heart of the city is undoubtedly Piazza del Campo with its unique fan shape where every year the two Palio are run, attracting – in addition to all the citizens – spectators from all over the world. And if you can not attend the Palio you may be lucky enough to attend one of the many traditional festivals and events linked to it organized by the 17 districts of the city.

In addition to Piazza del Campo with its Torre del Mangia, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the city, you can not miss the Duomo, the numerous fountains – as source Gaia and Fonte Branda, the basilicas and historic buildings including Palazzo Salimbeni and Palazzo Piccolomini.

After visiting this pearl you should not miss to visit its beautiful surroundings. Chianti, Val D’Orcia, Crete Senesi just some of the areas surrounding Siena, ideal for a Ferrari tour.

The Chianti region, known all over the world, is the production area of ​​one of the most appreciated wines by experts and not. Green hills with vineyards and medieval castles make it a unique place. Here the recipe of the Chianti Classico was invented and here we have its historical producers.

Val D’Orcia, which immediately brings to mind the long rows of cypress trees and the immense fields of sunflowers, also home to exceptional wine productions among which Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano: is a place to discover every corner.

The Crete Senesi, an area where the countryside knows how to amaze you every day with different colors and which is typical of its almost “lunar” appearance due to a land rich in tuff and whose springs and spas are also very popular. Even here you can enjoy excellent wine, including whites, you can also taste the precious White Truffle.

Even San Gimignano, a beautiful village characterized by the countless towers that rise in the beautiful old town, deserves without a doubt a visit.

Driving the Dream is based in Siena. You can pick up your car directly at our headquarters or request a personalized delivery to your preferred location. In addition to delivering one of our supercars with the maximum professionalism that distinguishes our company, we will be happy to provide all information about the surroundings in order to help you to make your experience even more special.

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