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Maranello is a small town in central Italy, universally recognized as the birthplace of Ferrari. Here Enzo Ferrari built the Ferrari factory in the early 40s of the 1900s, in which in 1947 the first Ferrari product bornt, the 125 S, and where the prancing Cavallino jewels are still produced, whether they are destined for the road or for motor racing circuits. in which the Scuderia Ferrari is always consistently at the top.

Visiting Maranello you can enjoy an immersive Ferrari experience. Here, in fact, in addition to the Ferrari factory, the Ferrari Museum offers to visitors the possibility to see models, prototypes and materials of all kinds that have been part of the success of the story of this brand.

Driving a Ferrari in the homeland of Ferrari is truly a unique experience. From 2018 Driving the Dream is present with its cars also in Maranello. Collect your car directly in Maranello or arrive by driving through the beautiful streets that surround it.

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